5 Apr 2012

And Then The End Beckons….

Bathroom? I'm on the home straight although it's an awful looooong straight with more than a hint of several bendy bits along the way.

Ever happen to you? Your putting something together and one bit, always a critical bit, requires holding together, with another critical bit, with eight screws. If you're dead lucky there will be eight screws in the pack. But I always, and I do mean always, manage to turn the head off screw number eight. Ever happen to you? Yea, thought so.

No problem, right? It's a funny looking sucker but I'll go to the store and buy a new one, right? Right. Why are they only sold in sacks of fifty or more? Where's a six pack when you need one? Better still, where's an old fashioned Ironmongers store when you need one? That ol' boy would sell you one, just one, which is what you really, really want.

Anyhoo, what to do with forty nine funny looking screws is where I'm at right now.

Let's not even go near the bit that says, "Place the top of part C into the recess provided in part D; then pop the bottom of part C into place in part E." Do they ever 'pop' into place? I'd sure like to meet that poppin' writin' fella.

Quote; Blackadder.

"She was only the ironmonger's daughter but she knew a surprising amount about fish as well."

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