16 Mar 2012

And Then, There's No Turning Back….

The bath be gone. He be in bits; no turning back. Small space to work so I set about him with a saw. Progress was damn slow so what to do? Correct o'mondo. A angle grinder, or an angle grinder if you're picky, and a diamond disc. The bath, he be gone to sleep now.

One thing I sure did learn wot I didn't know. Acrylic baths are just tons of compressed, extremely fine acrylic dust. It may look like a bath and act like a bath, but point a cutty thingy at it and, trust me, it's just amazingly fine dust looking stuff. Never seen so much dust in all my days of, on occasion, dealing with dust. Never mind; the bath be gone. I should've filled the bath with water. That would've kept the dust down……

And for my next magical trick? Compress the dust back to bath shape? No, but talking of dust, I'll definitely be De-dusting the domicile.

Health and Safety Note for those interested. Oh, you've all gone. Anyhoo, if you can still here me, and were wondering if I was I wearing a dust mask, well, didn't have one. I did, however, have some ear plugs, and pair of those up my nose worked fine. Would've been perfect if I could've kept my mouth shut as well. When I've finished the de-dusting I'll be attempting to get them out from behind my eyeballs.

Quote; George Carlin.

"Dusting is a good example of the futility of trying to put things right. As soon as you dust, the fact of your next dusting has already been established."

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