14 Mar 2012

And Then I Find I don't Have Time….

The plumbing palaver progresses by veeeery little steps. The new toilet pan arrived and this sucker is going on twelve hour leak test before I glue him all together. Wash basin waste pipes – a whole different storey. As I said to the guy in the plumbing bits shop, on my sixth visit today, 'I'm a better bricklayer than I am plumber; and I'm a really, really rubbish bricklayer.'

Tomorrow, maybe. Tonight I'm going to sit in a dimly lit room, rock gently back and forth and dream of a land of drip-free fittings.

Enjoy the clip wot be below.

Quote; ??

"As we sail thru life, don’t avoid rough waters, sail on because calm waters won’t make a skillful sailor."

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