11 Mar 2012

And Then It Continues….

Still flogging away with the bathroom. Seems to be one of those one step front ways, three stumbles back the way kind of projects.

Example; install toilet bowl and cistern. Plumb water to said cistern. Hold breath and turn on water. Much to my amazement, no leaks.

Spend a frustrating hour installing 'slow close' toilet seat which insisted on slow closing from centre when open, to sitting to the left when closed. Why in the world do you need a slow closing toilet seat? No, really, why?

On the morning of the next day I was somewhat surprised and saddened to see a small pool of water round the toilet. I spend most of the morning searching for the leak with no success. Kept drying up and watching for the leak but, as you all know, they don't drip while being watched.

After a most frustrating morning, and as a last resort, I stuffed my hand down the toilet and up the 'U' bend. Well, you could've knocked me down with a sheet of soft, cuddly toilet tissue! For what did my exploratory digit locate? Wrong, I'd flushed. What it located was a small, very small imperfection in the glazing and firing, just below the water line, resulting in a very slow drip type leak type drip. Right up there, so it was, out of sight. He be going home come Monday. Imperfection an' all.

Quote; Barry Humphries.

“Australia is an outdoor country. People only go inside to use the toilet. And that's only a recent development.

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