19 Mar 2012

And Then There Were Only 35 Left….

A quickie tonight… What? No, a quick post. No rest for us plumbers you know.

You see on TV the appeal by WWF regarding the Amur leopard? They tell me there're only thirty five left. Send money, quick! My simple question is, where were they when we got down to only thirty six left? A hundred and thirty six? One thousand one hundred and thirty six? Are these fellows really good eating or what? Anyhoo, you feel WWF've left it a tad late? Bet the monies rolling in all the same.

Me? I'd love to help, but the house is already full of those adopted polar bears, jaguars and similar. I couldn't face adding a leopard to the menagerie mix. Unless. Unless leopards are any good at plumbing or tiling, then I may male room.

Quote; William Rivas-Rivas.

"We consider ourselves a nation of animal lovers, but by far the moment that we are with animals the most is when they are on our plates and we are about to eat them."

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