30 Mar 2012

And Then, Let's Do The Panic….

I've been busy with the bathroom project, one of those projects that, after reaching the point of no return, you think, 'Damn, why did I ever start this project?' Know the type of project I'm talking about? Sure you do.

On top of that I'm, like, totally panicking about petrol, pasties and pensions and thusly I've had no time to amuse myself here. However those kiddies running the country, you know those kiddies wot get dropped off by their mums at the Westminster crèche of a morning, are more than keeping me in stitches.

The panic queues at the gas stations where ridiculous. No problem for me though as this wasn't my planned destination.

In the dark days of national emergencies such as these, you have to prioritize your panic, right? Prioritize I did and I'm delighted to announce the queues of panic and doom at the pasty parlour were well within the realms of realism and a plentiful supply of pasties was purchased. The cheap cold ones, not those expensive hot jobbies. But that's only common sense.

A super cool track for Saturday to sooth away the panic. Oh, you're not panicking? Okay, here's a super cool track for Saturday. Give it a bunch of bass and enjoy my friends.

Quote; Arthur Koestler.

“When all is said, England's atmosphere still contains fewer germs of aggression and brutality per cubic foot in a crowded bus, pub or queue than in any other country in which I have lived.”

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