2 Mar 2012

And Then A Deletion….

I had a good ol' video up for y'll tonight then he got blocked by some copy-tight thingy so I did the right and proper thing and went back and diluted him. Shame.

Then, I find it's been loaded by someone else somewhere else. The somewhere else place also do have an embederating faculty, therefore here he be, and, boy, he be good. Don't care if you're old or not so old, he be good. Great take of 'Jambalaya'.

I trust that'll kick-start your weekend my friends. Looks like I'll be radiating with plumbing skills and similar…..

Quote; Neil Young.

“Remember when you used to watch TV in the Sixties and you'd see Perry Como in a cashmere sweater? That's what rock an' roll is becoming. It's your parents' music.”

1 comment:

Captain Ranty said...


This prick is not me. He is mentally unstable.

He is doing this at all the blogs I link to.

Check my gravatar. It takes you back to my blog, but dickheads does not.