3 Mar 2012

And Then, An Unintended Consequence….

As a result of someone with no idea of the 'little i' – 'big I' thingy, hijacking the good Captains Blog Roll, and through the post relating to the Captains disclaimer regarding the strange comment folk got from the very poor Captain impersonator, and a comment by ArtCo on the comment post, you know, the post commenting on the commenter, what did we get? What we got was this;

ArtCo, thank you, it says it all in a beautiful way and, through the efforts of 'small i', has been brought to the attention of an extremely appreciative audience. Probably not the consequence intended or envisioned by 'small i'.

Quote; Eric Cheng.

"Who has time to manually spam web sites? That can't be very cost effective."

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