27 Feb 2012

And Then A Sort Of Fresco Fiasco….

The fresco fiasco? That be the radiator. Let’s not talk about the radiator.

Well, quickly then. I've radiator stuff to do.

Why, with a lifetime of painting stuff under our belts, when buying the required paintbrush, and seeing the quality one we want at five Pounds, do we pass by and get hypnotically drawn towards the pack of six different sized paintbrushes, four of which will never see paint, at two pounds?

We buy them even though we know the six cheap brushes, four of which will never see paint, will prove to be, however much you wash 'em first, a poor paint depositing, bristle shedding, streaky, lumpy finish disaster. Why do we do that time, after time, after time, always expecting a different, better result than the last time?

It must be you as well as me as it can’t just be me keeping the bristle shedding brush builders in business can it? They're always there.

So that’s where I be at right now. Contemplating a streaky, lumpy, bristly radiator.

As I looked at the radiator with, sadly, the full understanding of what I'd done, and with her laughter and words, "Told you to get the good guy!" ringing in my ears, the old Roughneck tale came flooding to the fore of my excuse for a brain, wot goes something like this;

A Roughneck was locked in a padded cell one evening with nothing but two big ball bearings. In the morning they found he’d broken one and lost the other……

Quote; Ambrose Bierce.

“Painting: The art of protecting flat surfaces from the weather and exposing them to the critic.“

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