18 Feb 2012

And Then, A 'Slide' Through Saturday….

I hope you enjoy this. You should enjoy this. If you don't enjoy this then your heart and all your other important bits and bobs, and even those bits and bobs of lesser importance, must surely be made of terracotta is all I can say.

There you go then; Yorkshire blues at its best. Woman gone, lots of water and diving ducks. No mention of his dog or pick-up truck though. Maybe that's on the 'B' side….. Oh, that's country music isn't it? Sorry. Pretty cool pickin' all the same.

Understanding how much you enjoyed that, and as a further service, you'll find a free track download here. Studio stuff, with all it's knobby twiddling, mixing magic, is always better than live stuff don't you think?

Quote; Ma Rainey.

“White folks hear the blues come out, but they don't know how it got there.”

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