20 Feb 2012

And Then It's Almost Project Time….

You’re probably wondering how the bathroom project’s coming along. No? Me neither. Not interested? Me neither.

Anyhoo, just to bore you, and me, the kit’s on order, floor and wall tiles are here and waiting, plywood cut and treated ready to lay, plumbing fittings and pipe yet to get. Soldered fittings? Compression fittings? Push fit fittings? It’s a fitting nightmare out there, with every size known to man. Except. Except the size it looks like I’ll be needing to get from here to there and from there back to here.

Ripping out the toilet, bath and wash basin to tile the deck? No problem. Plumbing them back to be leak-free? We’ll see, because, as you’ve no doubt forgotten, I’m no sort of plumbing person. Gluing bits of pipe together? Sure. Gluing bits of pipe together so there's no leaks, however miniscule? Whole different story. It's the miniscule suckers that drive me nuts. I'll keep me informed, never mind how embarrassing.

And the present task? Stripping paint from a radiator. That's about as exciting as watching paint go soft…

As an, 'Oh, I almost forgot.' I'm using this little rascal to get all my ducks in a row, not diving, in a row, and everything in a logical order of getting and doing stuff. You know, stuff like – lay floor tiles before installing toilet. Wait!! Buy tiles first. Stuff like that. I'm old – I NEED it. And it's free.

Quote; Christopher Morley.

“A human being: an ingenious assembly of portable plumbing.”

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