15 Feb 2012

And Then There Were New Measures….

I guess I got the early news kind o' wrong regarding the 'Forehead of Doom' and alcohol.

Paying a tad more attention, it seems he's going to introduce new measures. What would they be then? I just order a single or a double without really knowing what the actual measure is. Other than observing that a single just wets the glass.

So, well done Dave and let's hope you make the new measure a double to become the old single.

Dave, along with this new measure I'm assuming you'll talk to the head policeman and tell him to cascade down the line to his boys, that it'd be nice if they enforced the laws already available. Let those guys posing as Judges in on the act as well.

Seems like a cool plan all round to me Dave. Grab the naughty people and punish them appropriately and give the good people a new measure.

Haaaay, wait a minute! That's not it is it David? It's just another example of children pretending to run stuff and not being grown up enough to use the right words. 'New measures', in child speak, really means more laws, right? New laws to go in the, 'Let's Not Bother Enforcing These Laws' folder.

Now I've figured that, don't you think you and your gang should be focusing your attention on that guy, wass-is-name, Armoured Dinner-jacket, now he's started pushing home-made rods into his great big machine, rather than dreaming up new measures for drunk people? No? Your call I guess.

It all gets sadder by the day.

Quote; George Bernard Shaw.

“Alcohol is the anaesthesia by which we endure the operation of life."

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