29 Jan 2012

And Then, Still No Rise….

Hello Mr Huhnaloon, how's your weekend going? Read this? Another inconvenient truth? Bummer eh? Mr Delingpole covers it quite well as well. Well, he would wouldn't he? I do like the comment from Swanky Yanky, chopped a little here, with apologies;

……….but if there's one thing we should know by now, it's that British politicians do NOT feel accountable to the public. Once in office, they are gold-medal winners at ignoring their constituents. They are paternalistic and they think they can send you off with a pat on the head and a saucer of milk. --- This has to change! They won't move unless you light a fire under them, so to speak. That means: getting noisy and getting visible. British politicians dismiss, ignore, and discount the public because there's never any real price to pay for doing otherwise. And the media is fully in the tank for Leftism. So Leftist misbehaviour, or misbehaviour of which socialists approve -- such as ploughing billions of taxpayer funds into dubious AGW boondoggles -- is given a pass.
They will just let all this glide on by unless you the people put your foot down -- now.
They will let 'global warming' panic morph into 'global cooling' panic and use that factitious panic as continued justification for the same scams and the same schemes and the same economic impoverishment and freedom-bashing legislation.

Well Chris, going to get a grip any time soon?

Talking of inconvenient truths Chris, where's your pal Al? Haven't heard from him for such a long time, seems. I don't want to. Just saying is all.

Quote; Albert Schweitzer.

"Man is a clever animal who behaves like an imbecile."

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