20 Dec 2011

And Then, More On The Train Front….

I'm regretting mentioning train spotting the other day. Seems the cost of rail travel is about to increase by 5.9%. Why 5.9? Why not be honest and call it 6%? Or would that create too much spray as rail commuters screamed in exasperation, “Six Percent?!!!”

The increase in fares, one spokesperson let slip, was to lessen the burden on the tax payer by making train travelers foot the bill for improvements.

Could this possibly be one of the biggest, best hidden tax loopholes ever?

See, here's the rub. …. make travelers foot the bill. This seems to suggests to me that, presently, rail commuters are exempt from paying income tax. Or at least the full whack. If you buy train tickets, you don't pay tax? If true, how long's this been going on?

If this is indeed the case, and I admit I need to do a tad more research on the subject, next year I'm buying a short haul commuting season ticket, one commute a month. It's gotta be cheaper than that tax stuff.

Quote; Yogi Berra.

“I knew I was going to take the wrong train, so I left early.”

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