27 Dec 2011

And Then It Was Over, Almost….

I sincerely hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

Just New Years eve to negotiate then it's all quiet 'till Easter.

Did you all enjoy your parties and then, later, manage to grab a bargain in the sales? If you did, I hope you managed it without being shot or stabbed. Really, what a sad country.

The BBC were on the ball this evening showing footage with the reporter stating it showed the police holding back an angry, and occasionally agitated, crowd. The film I saw showed a crowd of one guy who looked like he wanted to cross the road. Probably to get his knife back.

I hope the police have better luck with their witnesses' than the police lady person in this clip;

Was it any better back in the days when the old track further down below wuzz tracking? Oh my, that's nearly forty years ago. I honestly don't remember mayhem on the streets that we seem to see today, but then again, I probably wasn't paying attention. Defiantly wasn't paying attention……

We went for a wander round town yesterday, not to shop you understand, just to 'people watch'. Her indoors, or outdoors that day, remarked how the good folk seemed to have all the money in the world to spend despite what she's been repeatedly told by news programs, i.e. we're broke. In fact we're now broker than wot Brazil is in terms of stuff.

True, but how can anyone resist something with 70% knocked off the price? Do they need it? Will they ever use it? What's it for? Does it matter? It's got 70% off!! Of course they neeeeed it.

I told her to imagine the same bargain snapping people a month from now when the credit card bills come through their letter boxes and land like 5 mega ton bombs of disaster and despair. Sadly, 70% off won't seem such a slick idea then. Especially if you got five of 'em.

Quote; Branch Rickey.

“A team is where a boy can prove his courage on his own. A gang is where a coward goes to hide.”

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