17 Dec 2011

And Then I Found A New Hobby….

Wot with the cold weather and full car parks, complete with festive car parking price increases, we've found ourselves watching TV quite a bit. After one show, which was on for an hour, her indoors mentioned that the actual show had been a mere forty minutes with the other twenty minutes being adverts.

I was a tad surprised at this statement as I didn't know she could tell the time. However, I checked this out through the evening and, yup, she was spot on!

I'm considering extending my research to other TV channels but feel sure I won't get the necessary funding. I need to work on a way of incorporating smoking, drinking, fatty foods, fizzy drinks, cycling safety hats, energy conservation and minimum pricing for Scotch Eggs into the mix, then the funding floodgates should burst open.

The other thing I noticed, now I was paying a little attention to adverts, was the models {or is it modelesses?} in the perfume adverts. Why are they all trying to touch the tip of their nose with their top lips? What's with the sulky, pouty, mouth breathing, big top lip look then? Is this open mouth, pouty look supposed to be sexy? Isn't it more the look you associate with people who've got learning difficulties? Being old, I guess I, like, missed something? Ahh, Ha!! I've got it!! It's that old 'kill two birds with one stone' thingy isn't it? Sucker the stupid into believe they'll be sexy if they smell right! Right? You've got to hand it to those advertising folk, they're damn cleaver.

Hay, it's a bit of fun. Go ahead, look and smell how you want.

The above has also further convinced me that I need to get a hobby. Okay, I'm timing TV programs and checking for poutiness, but I'm sure this can't be classed as a proper hobby and I bet there isn't even a monthly magazine on the subject…… No! Really? No, there can't be.
{Note to self; check magazines on magazine rack next time I'm in a shop with a magazine rack.}

Wait a minute!! I used to have a hobby!! Now where's that ol' train spotting book. Damn!! I believe I threw it out along with the anorak. Only kidding, honest. I was NEVER a train spotter. Not for longer than a couple or six months anyway.

Whack! See? My head's just taken a left down memory lane again. Anyone remember the Ian Allan ABC books? Or the Observers Book Of... books? Are they still about? They were great little guys.

All praise be to Google, for verily I say unto you, search and ye shall find.

1959_British_Ocean_Freighters 15-4

Oh boy, would you look at this page? Click on a book for the full subject range. Oh me oh my, here they are. 'OK' as Guest, then click on Directory of Jackets. I must go now. I have Web pages to explore as the years roll back.

Pouty spotting will have to wait.

Quote; Duke Ellington.

I merely took the energy it takes to pout and wrote some blues.


Duncan B said...

I think you'll find it was Ian 'Allen' actually.

Their offices were just at the end of Shepperton Station (a terminus) until a train went through the buffers to say hello.

Please send me some mind altering substances.....urgently.

Duncan B said...

Just googled it.

You're right and I'm a crap trainspotter. (Can there be such a thing?). Did love their little books mind you.

Mac said...

"..went through the buffers to say hello." Now that's taking train spotting to a whole new level!! How did it go that day? "Hay Ian. That loco on page 24? It's in Reception."