22 Sep 2011

And Then There Will Be Sanding….

Not sure if I've put this link up before, but here it is again; pop over to FAIRFUEL UK and sign the thingy, if you haven't already, as it seems they're close to that mythical 100,000 figure wot triggers our masters to ignore it. Do these petitions work? Yea, right. But it costs nothing to do what we can do.

The plastering, even if I say so myself, looks really rubbish. To be honest, not really rubbish, but rubbish. Happily, the unevenness is down to sticky-out bits with, surprisingly, no pokey-in bits visible, therefore nothing that 'her indoors' can't put right with a bloody big belt sander.

Before I away to the shop to stock up on the belt bits for the belt sander, remember the berry barometer? You do? Honest? You're taking the what? Oh, anyhoo it seems Switzerland is experiencing record September snow. See? My berries could be right again. Better start that stocking up with tinned stuff pretty soon by the sounds of it.

Having said that, I have strawberries coming along again. Could this be nature saying to all the critters and birds, 'You little guys are going to need a double helping this year. Fill your boots. Cold, she be coming. Be warned.'

Quote; Would You Believe It.

"Forty years ago, while sunbathing in her garden, Mrs Betty Lomax of Pugh Street, Ponders End, lost her engagement ring. Yesterday, while digging up the very same garden, her son Wilfred ruptured himself."

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