20 Sep 2011

And Then I Took A Break….

I didn't get the plastering done, or even started, yesterday, as the strange recess took longer to brick-up than expected. My little nest of vipers was a great help during this work ensuring all was cool on the inside of the recess as I progressed.
"I check all inside like you ask and all look good. I come out now?"
As the last bricks went into place an eerie silence descended on the house. Later, I could see no sign of the visiting kitten.

I little break today now the possibility of the wall falling down has receded so may I please direct you over there for a 'must read'. Please dig into the comments as well. You've gotta love this one and I believe it's worth modifying and posting on our politicians blogs in the comments there-on. Really need to get it to 'Propeller Head'. I see that, on his planet, he wants to make it easier for us to switch energy providers so, as your bill goes up by ten percent, you can change two days before your new provider pumps it up by ten percent. They truly are barking mad. The term, 'You can run but you can't hide' springs to mind. Let's see if it springs to our leaders minds if the lights start going out.


With the ensuing passage of these Bills through the House and then The Senate, I was wondering if members in favour of these Bills might perhaps be able to bring Australians along with them by explaining how these Bills might facilitate the move to the current Clean Energy options of choice, Wind Power and the two versions of Solar Power, Solar Photovoltaic, and Concentrating Solar.

Perhaps they might be able to point out just one plant in existence on the whole of Planet Earth, or even a plant that is in planning that can produce the same electrical power for consumption that is currently being generated by one large scale coal fired power plant, of which there are many in existence here in Australia.

1. Perhaps they might mention how much power will actually be generated for consumption by this one example of any Renewable Plant.
2. Perhaps they might mention on what time frame a renewable plant of this nature might be delivering its power.
3. Perhaps they might mention the cost of this equivalent Plant.
4. Perhaps they might mention how long it will take to construct this plant from the planning stage to the power delivery stage.
5. Perhaps they might mention how long a plant of this nature might last.
6. Perhaps they might mention how much Government (taxpayers) money will be given to (a) the construction of this plant, and (b) the subsidising of the generated electricity to the grid in an effort to make it somehow competitive with current power generation from coal fired power.
7. Perhaps they might mention how much the cost of retail electricity to all consumers will increase with the introduction of a renewable plant of this nature.

There’s really no point in addressing any of the 7 responses mentioned here, because there is no equivalent plant of this nature in existence anywhere in the World, and there is none planned or even contemplated in the near future.

TonyfromOz submission to the Clean Energy Bills.

Then the Talking Clock has some, un-scientifically collected, surveys. It's the wobbly warming bit wot hit me.

Listen to this while you read those. One of my favourite versions of this tune she recorded. It was variations of the same tune she did over and over and over and over wasn't it? Still a pleasant listen.

Quote; Dave Barry.

"Electricity is actually made up of extremely tiny particles called electrons that you can't see with the naked eye unless you have been drinking."

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