24 Sep 2011

And Then I Got To Get Plastered Again….

I've been given a second chance at the plastering, to do him smooth, thanks to 'my little nest of vipers'.

Having explained to her what needed to be done to resolve the lumpy sticky out bits, I proceeded to the DIY shop to get a few more sanding belts ready to go. As you do.

Upon arriving home, and much to my amazement, I found she had made a start on sanding the lumpy bits down. As slow as I am, it quickly became apparent my explanation wasn't quite clear enough. What bit did I miss out of the explanation? The need to wait a couple of days 'till the plaster had gone off a tad.

As she may, just may, have taken an interest in DIY'ing, I'm hiding the Kango Hammer next time I venture out the house. Just in case, you understand.

Man, what a mess. Back to square one on the plaster front. Again. Seems the laptop has a moderate filling of the semi soggy stuff also, as well. Mainly round, and in, that touching mouse pad looking thing.

Which reminds me……

Now, did you do the clicky? Did that take you back or wot? Faster than light like that thingy they've just found? Regarding that thingy they've just found, what are the implications for windmills? Do I have to change my 'T' shirt to "H may = MC2"? Where IS that damn kitten?

Quote; Dave Barry.

“Buying the right computer and getting it to work properly is no more complicated than building a nuclear reactor from wristwatch parts in a darkened room using only your teeth.”


Anonymous said...

Do not use a belt sander on the walls mate, use one of those sanding pads on a pole. Make sure the plaster is pink dry,before you start

Mac said...

Anonymous, thanks for that. How about this then? I'll just let 'her indoors' lick the wall. Her abrasive tongue should do the trick and possibly gum up her mouth thus rendering her speechless for an extended period. A win-win situation!!