1 Sep 2011

And Then I Was A Tad Late….

Bet you've missed me eh? Well, never mind, I've missed me and that's why I'm back.

Although back, I must confess to not having much to report as it's been amazingly quiet for a while now. What say you Hal? You agree then.

To supplement the really nice summer we've had, please give this a read. Earlier in the year I followed the saga with great interest on EU Referendum. Why follow it there? 'Couse the MSM completely missed the unfolding drama – or didn't care to report it as, I guess, it was embarrassingly 'off message'.

Talking of EU Referendum, grab a candle and check this out.

And let's not forget the nice summer. Reportedly, it's been the coldest summer since nineteen something or other really, really early on.

Please keep a weather eye on the berry barometer and maybe start stocking up on tinned stuff. Might be an idea to fill the shed with gas and fill some old lemonade bottles with electricity as well before the prices get even more un-real. Just take the lamp out of a fitting, bob an empty, clean bottle under it, hit the switch and let it drip fill the bottle over-night. Wadda ya think? {Note to self; search the web-a-net and find out how to get a bottle of electricity back into the system.}

Just a by-the–by, where is 'Propeller Head'? Isn't he quiet? School holiday? Is he only allowed to play in the garden so's grown-ups can keep an eye on him? Bet he's checking his mail right carefully every morning though… Will no-one rid us of this troublesome nutter?

So, seeing as it's been about sea, soft and stiff, see below for a song with the word 'sea' in it. You remember this?

Sorry, you have to do the clicky thingy to get there. If you want. Embederating, it seems, isn't allowed for this song with the word 'sea' in it.

Quote; Chinese Proverb.

“Three feet of ice does not result from one day of cold weather.”

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