4 Sep 2011

And Then I Was Confused….

Mr Delingpole had this up earlier in the week, then it was followed by Mr Booker. All neatly summed up here. Then, from out of the woodwork, up pops Mr Redwood.

"The government needs to look again at our energy policy. It needs to work for when we have cold weather as well as for periods of warm climate. It’s not just industry that seeks a plentiful supply of reasonably priced power. So when are the new power stations and new energy resources going to come on stream Mr Huhne? How can this island of coal set in a sea of oil and gas, these reservoirs of shale gas and this pioneer of civil nuclear power become energy sufficient soon?"

Bloggers and and other blokes have pretty well know all this for quite a while now. Mr Redwood, possibly as a result of putting his cut an' paste newspaper down and reading some Blogs rather than just writing his, seems to have caught up. But what's this he says? "The government needs to look again at our energy policy."

And this is where I get a tad confused.

Now, anyone who's been to Foggy World more than once will probably be of the opinion ol' Foggy's a good half mile off and drifting, never-the-less, I can't help thinking that, this time, I really am missing something here.

Am I missing something here? Is Mr Redwood missing something here? I know it's not often I'm right and I'm probably wrong again so please correct me if I'm wrong, but is he not a part of the government he's talking about? Am I right or am I right?

Sir, you need to get out more as I'm quietly confident you're one of 'them' and supposedly helping to govern this country even as I write. You can possibly confirm this by checking that name plate thingy on your desk. Turn it round and if it says something like, J. Redwood, MP, and if you're a conservative of some sort, then you're definitely 'in' old boy.

Mr Redwood, rather than asking us, and instead of just sitting in front of your computer fiddling with your mouse, you naughty boy, why don't you do some research, then pop down the hall and confront good old 'Propeller Head' and the 'Forehead of Doom'? Then get three cheap day returns to Brussels and tell your EU bosses to stick their global warming and Co2 policies where the sun don't shine. That'll be earning your corn on our behalf and it'll sure work for us.

Well? Sorry? Say what? No? It was just a bit of blarney on a Blog? Okay, carry on then. And turn that name plate thingy face down please.

Quote; Charles de Gaulle.

"Since a politician never believes what he says, he is surprised when others believe him."

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