13 Aug 2011

And Then There Was An Idea….

In the wake of the recent spate of aggravated shopping, several Blogs are suggesting the law abiding population should be allowed to carry arms for self defence and defence of property. And why not?

I'm sure the vote at the AGM of Law Abiding Folk, in favour of the resolution, would be a resounding 'Yes'.

The only problem I see with this is what would occur at the AGM of Hooks, Crooks and Comic Singers. Scarily, another resounding 'Yes' for sure.

"As you all know, back in the mists of time, our fore-fathers of the fraternity of felons, proposed a code of conduct, Burn – Pillage – Rape. This code was followed for many years before it was realised that doing the 'burn' bit first really left little use for 'pillage and 'rape'.
After discussions it was decided they would be better served by moving 'Burn' to the end of the list where it remained until modern times when the code was subtly changed to Pillage and Pop, with 'pop' being second so it's used as a last resort to avoid arrest.
With the recent news that our targets may become armed and dangerous, I move we change our code to Pop and Pillage. Pop the target for your own safety, and pillage at your leisure.
All those in favour raise your right hand. No, your rig…. Okay, all those in favour raise a hand. Any hand. That's a big A on that one then, innit."

Whatever, we mustn't be afraid of the dark….

Quote; George Bernard Shaw.

"The faults of the burglar are the qualities of the financier."

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