14 Aug 2011

And Then We Had Words….

Whilst enjoying a run in the car, I heard a voice say, "Is the temperature satisfactory for you?"
I looked at her in stunned amazement at her use of big words like 'the' and 'you. Simultaneously, 'her in doors' was looking at me in stunned amazement at my use of a girly voice.

It then dawned on us. The car was talking to us! What to do? The obvious I guess. Answer to the car.
"Fine, thanks."
"Thank you."

I don't believe it! We've gone and got a talking car. Does it get any sadder?

Not sure if I'm too happy about this at all. I mean, we've all seen that movie, 'Two thousand and Something, a Space Oddity', right? Now here I am with my very own Hal under the hood.

Visions of being miles and miles from here, say shopping in Tottenham, or sight-seeing in Manchester, then, being ready to call it a day, saying to the car, "Okay Hal, take us home please."
"I'm sorry Foggy, I can't do that."
"Say what? Right buddy, that's it. I'm going to turn you off."
"I can't let you do that Foggy."

Then having to quietly crawl under the hood, avoiding detection, to cut his wires, or pull his fuse or whatever you do in these situations. All I remember from the film is, it ends in tears, right?

Man needs to read instruction book when, if, we get home.

Quote; ??

“A car hit a Jewish man. The paramedic says, 'Are you comfortable?' The man says, 'I make a good living.'”

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