10 Aug 2011

And Then It's Looking Bountiful Again….

While burning off fuel from the car, prior to trading him in, mean as I am, we had a tootle round the countryside. For those of you not familiar with the UK, the countryside is the bits of green between the cities, towns and windmills. As we tootled, 'her indoors' pointed out an interesting point wot was well worth her pointing out.

You may remember my prediction of a severe winter? No? Doesn't matter. We got a doozy. I'm predicting the same, or a tad worse, for this year. Please don't shout at me if I'm wrong, 'couse it's not often I'm right and I'm probably wrong again.

Last years prediction was arrived at using nothing but the berry barometer. This year the berry barometer seems even more scarily bountiful, and to be bountiful bloody early. In fact 'her indoors' was noting the bountifulness of berries in the bushes back in mid July. If this truly is natures harbinger of a horrible winter to come, be prepared!

I guess it's also safe to assume that, if reports of the sun going out, or some-such, prove true, well, that sure won't help any.

Regarding stuff getting warmer, there've been very few days this summer when we haven't had some sort of heating on for some part of the day or evening. Cold? No. Warm? No.

I guess it'll be more long periods for those twirly-whirly sentinels to folly, windmills, to stand, eerily un-moving, silently surveying the frozen landscape. Unless they're turning, via back-feeding from the grid, to prevent them freezing solid of course. If only we had a grown-up taking care of our future energy needs.

Quote; Oscar Wild.

“Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative.”

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