5 Jul 2011

And Then We Had A Shed….

The shed was ordered, fabricated in a workshop, transported to my drum and glued together by two young bucks with help from one old codger. Basically, I was just there in an advisory capacity. You know, stuff like, ‘Let’s put the base down first’ and ‘I think you’ll find that washer first, then nut works better’. Tricky stuff like that.

No probs at all, and you’ll be proud to know my base, cause of bulging biceps and a bust back, was millimetre perfect.

Any complaints? None. Only an observation. If you were going to erect a shed some place, and the available offloading space was unknown, how would you load the foldy flat shed on the flat bed truck? Okay, that makes sense. Me too.

These boys loaded out the other way round – base section first on the truck followed by four side sections with the roof on top. Better clarify that – it’s a flat roof, not a pointy jobby.

The rest of the two days have been spent gluing up shelving and stuff, guttering across the back, the drop end, with a down pipe to a water butt. Ever the environmentalist eh?

And now it’s time to head to the station for the ‘Smoke’ train. See you in a few days. That’s assuming we get back up hear from down there without getting lost. Earlier, I did The Filthy Engineers test, failed, so thought I’d better pop off to the clinic for a quick MOT. Sadly, I couldn’t find it…..

alzheimersRight then, while we’re away, there’s lashings and lashings of ginger beer and some chocolate biscuits in the cupboard, but I don’t want to see toys all over the floor when I get back, okay? Okay. Off we go then. A bit o’ Business and pleasure.

Quote; Richard Murdoch & Kenneth Horne.

……will the passengers who’ve taken the 04:15 train from Platform eight to Ponders End, please bring it back at once!

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