30 Jul 2011

And Then, For Now, Bub-by….

Good reading for the weekend. Before you do the clicky thing, please ensure there's nothing sharp or pointy within reach. In fact, ensure there's nothing sharp or pointy in the house should work.
The sombre track below goes along with the document quite well don't ya' think?

Enough to make me contemplate tearing up the return bit of of my flight ticket. The state of stuff, not the music.

If I did stay where I land, would I be able to get a car with a foldy over, tucky-in ignition key?

Wait a minute. If a foldy over, tucky-in car ignition key is a key component {Pun?} in deciding to jump ship or not, there can't be that much wrong here can there. Can there? Maybe the track below is better suited to me.
I'm probably late with this, but there's another interesting read here. It's sure not hot for the end of July where I be, by the way. Summer just about over anyway?
Okay, I'm out o' here. Stay well good people, and do your best to keep facing piles of trials with smiles. Tough to do these days I know, but do your best.
Quote; Barbara Mikulski.
"Family responsibility, yes, and always. Family bankruptcy due to the cruel rules of government, no."


Caratacus said...

Be safe, amigo ... and don't go tearing up your return ticket - it's about to get v. interesting hereabouts. Forrin parts are not just going to be interesting, they're going to be just a little bit dangerous too. Always remember Arfur Daley advising young Tel on the vagaries of the continent, "You don't wanna bovver with abroad, Tel - sawn-orf toilets, iffy water and Plod wiv guns..."

Mac said...

Thank you Sir; I'll take care while away, follow your advice, return and await your prediction of 'interesting times' ahead. {Windmills going backwards?} Mr Daley just about had it right I guess.
And besides, it's unlikely ol' Johnny Foreigner has thought of a foldy over, tucky-in car key, right?