29 Jul 2011

And Then It's Up And Away Again….

It'll be quiet here for a while as I'm preparing, again, to go far, far, far away to resume by battle with the breakfast guy.

While on the subject of the breakfast guy, wadda'ya thunk of this then? See? It's never going to end is it? I despair. The day MUST be coming when It'll be just one poke, one push too many, then there'll be, what was the name of that movie? "There Will Be Blood." This being the UK, what we'll need first, before the general populace would hit the streets, is a 'loan fanatic', acting on his lonesome own-some, to knock out all the television transmitters.

Long storey short, despite what we read on Blogs, the catalyst for revolution may well be the humble bacon roll…

Anyhoo, stuff to do in preparation so have good days and I'll do what I can to write a bit as I can and when I can. Is that okay with you lot? Is it? Helloooo, anyone there? Oh.

Quote; Woody Allen.

“Life is full of misery, loneliness, and suffering - and it's all over much too soon.”

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