25 May 2011

And Then It Did, Almost….

Remember the garden shed was in imminent danger of collapsing? Remember I elected to worry about it when it did? Today’s the day I need to start worrying about it.

Must’ve been the wind; natures wind. If we’d had one of those USA type Typhoonadoes my clean-up would’ve been a whole bunch easier. Someone else, the other side of the country, could’ve done it for me.

I’m going to be a tad busy the next few days knocking down what’s not down, getting rid of the junk and salvaging wot’s inside said shed. All that stuff you’ll never use in a thousand years that must not, under any circumstances, be thrown out. Also need to see what’s under the beast as I may need to get a base ready. I believe it’s just sitting on bare earth. The floor gives the impression it’s absolutely rotten below, or as we used to say, it’s completely Bill Cotton.

Remember him? You don’t? Try this then, and see what we had to suffer on TV as kids. If we were trapped indoors. That’s only part one and, by the way, there’s no prize for watching it all. I guess we’re lucky now, at least we’ve got the Meerkats.

Whatever I find below the shed, She’s going to be a busy little bee.

We shot off to the wood shed shop this morning. After discussing various designs with the shed building person, him and me {I?} decided on a plan, then we decided, to prevent something nasty in the wood shed shop, to do it how the ‘little nest of vipers’ wanted it. The shed building person accepted the challenge.

Then I had a ‘touché’ moment with the shed shop guy.

I told him we were in no rush and agreed a delivery date.
”Will you give me a call a couple of days before to confirm we’ll be home?” I asked.
”No, we’ll just roll up so be in.” He smiled.
”Damn!!” I thought.
”You stupid?” She laughed.
”Can we go home now?” I begged.

No, I didn’t find out how to do that little thingy over the é. It came automatically with the correction from the spell chequer. How cleaver is that then?

Quote; Richard Diran.

“I have a rock garden. Last week three of them died.”

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