29 May 2011

And Then I knocked Him Down….

It’s a public holiday again. Seems like only a slack hand-full of weeks since the Easter holidays. It is? Well, there you go then.

With nothing to do, and no ready excuse to do nothing, I made a start knocking the shed down. Progress was none too shabby and things were going okay, with only one blue finger tip to date.

“What you doing up there?” Her indoors inquired when she brought me a coff of cupie. No milk, no sugar.
”Just ripping the roofing felt off. Why?”
”Be careful you don’t fall through the old wood.”
”Oh come on. It’s perfectly safe. I could dance up here all day and nothing would happen. Watch……………………… No!! No!! Don’t touch me! Please don’t touch me! I’ll get up on my own. Later. Let me just lie here for a while and slowly move bits of me and see if there’s anything that won’t move. Just don’t touch me. And stop laughing.”

The above is, of course, fiction. No one in their right mind would get on the roof of a rotted out wooden shed without firstly doing a full risk assessment and definitely not without the ‘correct’ kit; hard hat, safety boots, lace-up type for ankle protection, safety glasses, ear defenders, fluorescent vest and rigging a fall arrester, now would they? Especially when you’ve got a ‘little nest of vipers’ you can con into doing it. No, she didn’t fall through. Honest. Really, she didn’t. Well, okay, one foot went through……

The above is, of course, fiction. It was all me. The shed, she be down and out. Without the use of any of the above five sense depriving ‘safety’ stuff. Praise be!


Have a good back end o’ May break.

Hay, not that good. Read and weep. Form the Mail Online;

One of the solutions being considered {by a lunatic? Are you in on this ‘Propeller Head’?} is changing demand at times of crisis. For example, setting up systems to stop electricity supplies to millions of fridges for an hour or so.

This would be possible by having ‘smart’ meters and would save massive amounts of energy.

If you enjoyed that, try this – but not if you’re holding anything sharp or pointy.

Quote; Chinese Proverb.

“Failure is not falling down, but refusing to get up.”

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