25 Apr 2011

And Then It Got Puffy….

A tad better today but still not good. Regardless, I’m battling on like the tough little soldier. From bed to sofa that is.

The hacking cough is loosing some of it’s hackieness but the head still feels like my brain is being displaced with crazy foam. You’re right, not much brain to displace so much foam required.

Another phenomenon I’ve noticed is that my face looks like it’s been on fire and someone put it out with a No. 9 shovel. Add to that all the redness and puffiness brought on by this cold and man I look a mess. Okay, bigger mess.

All this adds up to the sofa still being my daytime nest of choice right now.

I guess this was brought on by the recent smog that’s enveloped parts of the country. My part being one of the parts thusly enveloped. Well, not actually MY part; just the part they let me live in. Or on. {Crazy foam displacement almost complete.}

Anyhoo, smog? You remember smog? Real smog? I do and I’m pretty sure this was just good ol’ fog. Although if you’re loosing your man made global warming battle, but need to keep the fear factor up, smog ticks a few boxes eh? Will they EVER just leave us alone?

Nice day again but, so I hobbled my way to the garden for the afternoon, nodded off, now my face is on fire again and my little nest of vipers is hovering with a shovel. And a smile.

Quote; Milton Berle.

“My doctor recently told me that jogging could add years to my life. I think he was right. I feel ten years older already.”


The Tame Lion said...

A nice post! Thanks, I enjoyed the visit. ;D

Quote of the day:
Consult your doctor every day and keep the apples away.
(just kidding...)

Mac said...

Apples; need some help with that. Do you make 'em with lard?