27 Apr 2011

And Then It Was Almost That Day….

Seems the fever of flue{?} has been replaced, as instructed by the media frenzy, with the fever of excitement as that wedding day draws ever closer. You believe that? That I’m excited? You do? Interested in a souvenir of the day then? Wanna buy a big church? Postage and packing will have to be extra. But that’s only common sense.

It was mentioned on the news this morning that twenty foot trees were being carted into the Abby. I can’t see twenty, one foot high trees being any big deal in the grand scheme of things can you? Oh, waaiiit a minute! Do they mean some twenty foot high trees? That sounds a tad more big occasionsish, right? And should give some squirrels a ring side seat. Also a great opportunity for the furry little fellas to collect copious quantities of nuts.

Anyhoo, if you are ‘with the plan’, I hope you’ve got all your nibbles ready for the never ending day. You know, those cheesy bits and pineapple stuck on sticks and such. Got your volley balls cooked? No, sorry, volleyvonts. Wait, wait, got it! Vol eu vents. You know what I mean. Those little pastry thingies suitably stuffed with sticky stuff that collapse when you bite ‘em. Yea, those things.

Ah, the colour, the noise, the flags and bunting, the pageantry, the utter, utter, mind numbing boredom.

By the way, is your bunting up old boy? If so, and as it’s a special occasion, why not put your baggy trousers on and try sneaking this one into the village…..

Finally, if you live some place that’s organized a street party, you have my deepest sympathy.

Something to cheer you up and jiggle your bunting on the way to the village. Van Morrison and the Chieftains……..

Quote; Bertrand Russell.

“I was taught a kind of republicanism which was prepared to tolerate a monarch so long as he recognized that he was an employee of the people and subject to dismissal if he proved unsatisfactory. My grandfather, who was no respecter of persons, used to explain this point of view to Queen Victoria, and she was not altogether sympathetic.”

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