23 Apr 2011

And Then I Wasn’t Tired….

Realized this morning I wasn’t tired as advertised yesterday. I have a stinking cold. It must have been cooking and percolating yesterday.

So I’m a sick puppy right now. Hacking cough, running nose and, coincidentally, my feet smell. Could I be built upside down? Know the cough I mean? Hack and you think your chest is going to explode. Yup, that one.

As I don’t usually seem to get colds, the odd time I do, it’s a doozey. I will be lying on the sofa, feeling sorry for myself, until such time I can pass it on and get rid of it. Any sympathy will be welcome. Can’t remember where ‘sympathy’ is in the dictionary right now. Oh, wait! There it is! Never mind then.

Quote; ??

“Spring is not the best of seasons. Cold and flu are two good reasons; wind and rain and other sorrow, warm today and cold tomorrow. Whoever said Spring was romantic? The word that best applies is frantic!”


Anonymous said...

Oddly I have exactly the same symptoms

Mac said...

Damn! Thought it was going to be a sympathy note......