1 Mar 2011

And Then There Was Some Reading….

If you haven’t already found your way here, please do, then, if you didn’t get there via the last link, try this for size. You as well ‘Propeller Head’, ya’ listening? Oh, sorry, forgot. You and your little pals don’t do ‘listen’ do you?

Hay, ‘Propeller Head’ can you get your head, fan bits an’ all, round this? Copied from the comments of the above article, for which I apologize, a comment left by Brian G, Cambridge;

Sir, There is an old saying: "No one ever built a windmill if he could build a watermill." The wind is an unreliable source of power. It seldom blows steadily and sometimes not at all. The power generated by the wind varies with the cube of the wind speed. That means that if the wind speed drops from 40mph to 20mph, the power output does not drop by 50 per cent: it drops by 87.5 per cent. At 10mph, the wind produces only 1.56 per cent of the power generated by a 40mph wind. The wind can never become a major source of power.


Don’t you just love ‘em? The little guy looks pretty cool and does what he’s supposed to do. On windy days. The big guy? Enough said.

Quote; Jonny Ball.

“There isn't a single windmill owner in Holland who doesn't have a second job, for when there is no wind.”

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