12 Mar 2011

And Then There Was A Shaking….

You just know that, in right short order, this Japanese quake and great big sea disaster is going to be blamed on Gullible Warming by the warmaloons. Sadly, but as a bonus for the ecoloons, who you just know are busting a gut to throw a party, a new-clear power making thingy is having problems as well.

Whoa!! That was pretty quick eh? Go greenies, go!!

They are amazingly sad pictures coming out of Japan but at the same time it’s interesting listening to all the TV and radio the presenters, ‘journalists’ and ‘experts’ trying to pronounce Fukushima in the least naughty sounding way. Bless ‘em.

Quote; Dan Castellaneta.

“And Lord, we are especially thankful for nuclear power, the cleanest, safest energy source there is. Except for solar, which is just a pipe dream.”

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