14 Mar 2011

And Then She Wanted A Phone….

‘Her Indoors’ decided, out of the blue, she needed a mobile phone. I mentioned we had one already and that it never rings, so why on earth would she need her own?

Her reply, to which I had no answer, was, ‘In case we get separated in the supermarket.’

I sniffed round various phone operators web-a-net sites and there looks to be some really good deals out there. Seems if you sign up to a network for a couple of years at something like twenty five Pounds a month you can get a one hundred and thirty five Pound phone absolutely free!! I mean, how good is that then? A free phone!!

Hay, waiiiit a minute. Where’s that pesky calculaterating thingy? Ah, there it is. Now, twenty five multiplicated by twenty four equalizes…….. Oh.

Bearing in mind ‘my little nest of vipers’ limitations with English and all things of a technical nature, this phone will need to be idiot proof. Not that I’m implying she’s an idiot. Or are I?

I did a tad more research and located the little beauty, available for buttons, pictured below;


I’m sure you can imagine how well THAT idea was received.

’What’s wrong with that?’ I enquired from a safe distance.
’I be shy to use that outside.’ she replied venomously.
’But it’s never going to be used inside, never mind outside.’
’You never know, do you? Well? Do you?’
’I do, but never mind. So, if I read this correctly, what you want is a phone that will look the part when produced, perchance, in public to pose with?’
’No idea what you mean, but yes. I think’
’You sure you wouldn’t rather have that fancy new ironing-board you were looking at the other day?’
’Stupid man.’ she muttered in reply. Again.

Ah shacks ma heed, then we go shopping. Her happily, me reluctantly.

Quote; Robert Brault.

“Words from the past: ‘It's a clever idea, Mr. Bell, but don't wire us, we'll wire you.’”

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