30 Mar 2011

And Then There Was Another Bed Warmer….

A few posts ago I mentioned, for us older folk, the fun we had as nippers going upstairs in our cold homes to a cold bed.

Then, into my backward facing brain, popped the memory of a bed warming device wot was both effective, cheap and, by todays standards of H & E, I suppose potentially dangerous. Really? No, not at all but you know what I mean. As a by-the-by, I find it truly amazing how so many of us survived those days of old without the H & E warnings and instructions on safe use that are attached to absolutely everything you buy today. How did we manage that?

Anyhoo, I wonder who else out there remembers anything like this little item; this is as I remember him, and please bear with me as I’m not too hot on descriptive descriptions describing stuff, okay? It was a ball shaped, thin gauge plastic coated wire cage, about eighteen inches in diameter, possibly less, with nothing inside other than a regular light bulb fitting. With me so far? Okay, well, that’s understandable, but never mind, I’ll press on….

And that was that. Bob a bulb in him, push the cage under the covers, the cage kept the bed cloths clear of the bulb, plug him in, switch him on and the heat generated by the bulb made for a super snug bed after an hour or less. I mean, how easy is that? And why not?

This was, of course, in the days when light bulbs generated a bit of heat, unlike todays mandated bulbs that struggle to generate a bit of light, never mind a bit of heat.

Yes, I have tried Googlerizing him but found nothing like wot I remember. This is close, same idea but compared to the one of my memory is obviously the luxury model.

Pretty sure one of those wasn’t in use in the days I remember bolting for bed, through a dark, cold house, with terror trying to trip me at every step, to dive beneath the bed covers after a terrifying half hour of Quatermass and the Pit’. That bed could’ve been on fire or colder than a deep freeze, no problem, I just needed to be in, under the covers and hidden!! Man, I remember that serial scaring the daylights out of me back in the day.

I may just pass some time and watch it again, for old times sake, and see if it still scares me stiff. Probably will.

I wouldn’t mind betting that if they re-made it today, with all the technically amazing special effects they can generate, it still wouldn’t be as scary as the simple, black and white original was. It sure left ‘Journey Into Space’ in the shade let me tell ya’. Back when.

Quote; Wilson Mizener.

"The amount of sleep required by the average person is five minutes more.”

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