29 Sep 2010

And Then It Seems I Could Be Right….

This is interesting but all seems quite quiet in the news……

By the way, man wot writed that says he’s had the heating on for the past three days. He must be young then. I’ve had the heating on most evenings and some afternoons for the past three weeks or more. I do believe there are going to be many cold old people in this caring country of ours comes the proper winter. Again.

This is worth a read too, also as well, so it be.

We must remember that the new glorious loopy party leader, Eddy the Unready, Millisecond the Younger, had a very sticky hand in kicking off this obsession with windmills which is being ably continued by Huhne the Loon. Looks to me like ‘The Grays’ have just about got it all sown up. Scary.

Think I’ll check out the suitcases…………

Hooever, it’s a gray, wet and cold day, spookily though, round here, no windmill turning stuff, so why not grab a drink, scotch or cocoa, your choice, stuff your feet up the fire, put your headphones on and drift away to this pretty ditty. Nice lyrics too.

Again, for that young reader wot’s just got, like, a GCSE English, AAA Plus with, like, a really big rosette pinned to the top, lyrics are, like, musical words, innit, okay? And they run along the bottom of the movie, possibly a tad fast for you, and, sadly, no bouncy ball to follow.

Never mind, just enjoy the ride.

Quote; David Bellamy.

“Global warming - at least the modern nightmare vision - is a myth. I’m sure of it and so are a growing number of scientists. But what is really worrying is that the worlds politicians and policy makers are not.”


Bill said...

In My bit of Britain, the North West, it's still warm enough for the heating, roaring coal and log fire chucking out loads of CO2 and other assorted pollutants allegedly, to remain dormant.

I have yet to put the summer jumpers away it's only the end of September and so far this month has been quite normal warm, windy and wet in the main with an evening chill which is how autumnal months are in these parts.

Mac said...

You're most likely right and it's down to my old bones. And being stupid enough to sit around in a T shirt of course. What I should do is get a bigger laptop that will kick out more heat. That'd work I guess.