5 May 2010

And Then Him Thing Stay Up….

That good talking to I gave Topsy tomato seems to have worked - so far. He be hanging. He be also continuing to grow up, so gravity hasn’t got to him yet.

Are we all excited about tomorrow? Is it like Christmas eve or wot? Wondering who will be the next bunch of crooks to run our lives? Red, blue, yellow? A combination thereof?

I have a nagging voice in my head suggesting we, that must be me and the head voice, ease out of this country and ride out the coming super storm some place a tad quieter than it’s going to be here; over in Greece or Zimbabwe maybe.

Well, it’s one of the many voices whispering in my head actually, but none of them seem to be saying we should stay here as everything’s going to be fine, just fine. Time for a pill?

Might be an idea to get the mega size bottle of those suckers ready for tomorrow. Oh, I haven’t seen one of those, by the way, a politician, haven’t seen one at all.

Quote; G. K. Chesterton.

“It’s terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged."

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