22 Oct 2009

And Then There Was A Bit More Fencing…..

Well, it’s been a while, sorry, but I’ve been flat out like a lizard drinking since I retired – don’t sound right do it? But it do be true.

This little post carries on from the ones some time back about my adventures with fence building and maths, and I must confess is just a little gooney. But I’m sure you’ll keep the storey to yourself.

Last time out I just replaced the bits of fence wot had blown down. That was during the ‘Great Fence Blowing Down Winds’ back in 07. Haven’t had winds like that for a while now. By the way, is it just me or does it seem to be getting colder all the time? Probably just me…………..

This time I did the rest. Many of the post looking thingies had rotted out so I replaced them with concrete posts. Aren’t they heavy? All ready to go and it looked like I would be drilling very close to a lotillion holes, in both concrete and wood. A little light shopping for a couple of new, put holes in anything, drill bit twirly whirly things and away I went.

Man, that drilling stuff was hard going. Then it happened. With just a hand full of holes left to drill and my drill pushy arm looking like one of Popeye’s, I chanced to look at the twirly whirly thing as it slowed down to stop. Guess what? It was twirly whirling in the wrong direction………….. Yep, going left not right.

Two sad reflections on this revelation; I have had the drill for six years, six years of hard work, and I spent twenty years in the really, really big drilling business.

The last few holes to drill were a breeze. In fact it was so much of a breeze, I spent another couple of hours just drilling holes in stuff – it was that easy!!

Is that all a tad sad? Well, suppose so.

Anyhoo, off ‘shiny shopping’ right now. I have it in my head to check out one of they Sony E-readers. Do I need one? Guess not; even the books would seem to cost more than the papery ones. Do I want one? Sure!! They’re shiny and have buttons and stuff. Will common sense prevail? Common sense? What’s common sense got to do with ‘shiny shopping’? Absolutely correct. Absolutely nothing. ‘Shiny shopping’ is the thing.


"It's a big mistake to allow any mechanical object to realize that you're in a hurry."

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