24 Dec 2009

And Then It Was Christmas Again…..

First off may I apologise to my reader for the lack of posts. This is a result of me not posting much which has resulted in the lack of posts. I will try harder next year but, dear reader, if you spend your time just waiting for me to post some meaningless drivel hear, then you must have an even sadder life than me…… Oh, wait a minute. Not possible.

Second off, may I wish that reader a very happy Christmas and may the New Year bring all the Global Warming we can stand, ‘cose this cooling stuff is, well, cool. Global Warming, Climate Change – let’s hedge our bets and go with Global Warmooling. If my reader hasn’t been captivated, yet, by the Eco Loons, may I suggest you follow the money? That sums up the whole warmooling thing for me. Kick off here;-http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/columnists/christopherbooker/6798052/What-links-the-Copenhagen-conference-with-the-steelworks-closing-in-Redcar.html

And here;- http://www.infiniteunknown.net/2009/12/02/climategate-follow-the-money/

As Old Holborn said the other day;

If stupid Bangladeshis want to live on known flood plains because the land is cheap, or the Umbongo tribe decide to live 20 miles away from the nearest water because they hate the Mfufu tribe next door, that’s their look out, not mine. I’m off to roast a dolphin.


I did mention a while ago that I was away to do some ‘shiny shopping’. That day resulted in me getting an e-book reader. Any good? Not bad at all. Will they replace books? Not in my lifetime – but in the future? Probably. Are they easy to use? Yes. Are they easy to read? I was used to the screen after about an hour. The display is billed as electric paper. Honestly, nothing like paper; don’t care what they say. It’s black text on a dirty grey background. You can change text size as you wish. Very, very, very big works for me. Lots of books? More than you could shake a stick at, and very many free. Unless you want a leading author on publication day, all prices are much as the papery thingy in the shops. Within three evenings I had downloaded 255 books, only 5 of which cost money. Thriller, crime and mystery. Overall? Like it. And of course, light travelling with plenty of reading.

Sadly, but understandable, the instant I had the sucker out of the box and went on the Inter-web-a-net to register it, the first headline that caught my eye was the announcement of the imminent release of an Asus e-reader which will open like a book, to show two colour screens, like a book, and cost half the price of the one wot I got. I mean, is that timing or is that timing? Anyhoo, I have what I have – for now. I’m sure ‘shiny shopping’ will beckon with her wallet stripping fingers in the near future…..

Have a great Christmas out there – I have books to read.

“Global Warmooling” – I like that.


“Off all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most.”

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