25 Jul 2009

And Then I Went For A Pair Of Plastic............

.......shoes. Know the ones I mean? Revolting looking things but good for when you want to pop out to do a bit in the garden taking care of that growing stuff.

"Good afternoon shoe shop working lady. Do you sell those revolting looking plastic shoe looking things?"

"Why yes, we do. Would you like the real thing or copy ones?"

"What's the difference?"

"Twenty Pounds."

"Let me think about that – Okay, all thunk about that. Copy please. Size nine."

"Er, looks like no size nine out here. I'll check the computer stock list on the computer to see if we have any in stock in the stock room."

"Thank you nice shoe shop working lady."

"Now then, let's see...... revolting – plastic – copy – cheap Charlie - size nine, aaannd, search. Here we are! We have one!"

"Oh. That's a shame. When will you have the other?"


"I was hoping for two. You know, one for each foot. Gardening on one leg is just too exhausting at my age. Although if it was a left you have, I can stand on that leg for longer than I can stand on my right. No idea why, but there you go. I can wiggle my ears as well."

About this time the only sound was a sort of whooshing as this all passed about three feet over the nice shoe shop working ladies head.

End of storey? The computer stock list thingy was not quite right when it came to cheap plastic shoes. No nines in stock so I had to settle for ten, that's size ten, not... oh never mind.

Quote; Jack Handey

"Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you do criticize them you're a mile away from them and have their shoes."

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