22 Aug 2007

And Then There Was English......

Going back to the buying of those planty type bulbs in Amsterdam for a moment, isn't it sad how those Dutch people from Dutchishshireland seem to speak better English than wot we do? How do they do that? I remember a long time ago, before computers and spell checkers stuff, working with a Dutch OIM, cunningly and cleverly nicknamed 'Dutch', who used to correct my spelling. How sadd is that then?

And then there was the Dutch Tow Master who could speak, read and write just about every language in the whole wide World. And used to correct my spelling.

Anyone out there ever been to Dutchland and not been able to communicate with one and all in English? And get their spelling corrected?

Must be the quality of their education system. But wait!! It seems that this year every kid who made it to school on that day, with a pen, got loads of 'A' levels!! They said so on the telly. Things must finally be getting better, or, cynical old sod that I am, are the testy bits getting easier? How do you make that dividy stuff easy? I guess you use questions with a small number into a slightly bigger number that won't leave an even smaller number left over. That would work!!

Quote - Michael Parkinson;

Even now a team of linguists is at work translating Don Revie's writings on the game of football from the original gibberish into Arabic.

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