18 Aug 2007

And Then It Was Back To The Hotel.....

The hotel is a nice hotel as hotels go but as hotels go, it's just an hotel. The dining room only seems to do buffet food. I guess this is true of most places now. The plus of buffet food is you can really go to town on loading your plate. The down side is it always seems to be cold. Just never stays hot and it don't seem to matter how early you get to the troughs, it's cold. Off the top it's cold; dig to the bottom of the tureens and it's cold.

Breakfast for 28 days comprises scrambled eggs, powdered, cold, bacon - it's bacon but not as we know it, cold, and baked beans, cold. Oh, and 4 slices of toast, do-it-yourself. The toast machine is programmed to produce either warm bread, not cold bread, or a burned offering. Good fun! This is another little mystery because if you just get warm bread on the first pass you would expect to get toast with a second pass. Not true. It magically combusts half way through the second go. Many people try to get a table near the toaster for the entertainment value first thing of an 06:00 o'clock A.M.

As this seems to be the only Western type food available, that's what I stick with. The other morning I paid more attention to what seems to constitute breakfast for other guests. To my mind, not all that exciting. I just can't relate to waking up in the morning to rush downstairs for a bowl of rice soup and a plate of lettuce. Can you? Seems very popular amongst the other guests.....

Quote; Henny Youngman

"There was a girl knocking on my hotel room door all night! Finally, I let her out."

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