30 Jun 2007

And Then It Got Damp........

The Triffid is making steady but scary progress and it looks like we will end up with a whole thicket of smaller guys this year. Although I guess there is plenty of time for them to grow and gain in strength. And then? Who knows, but I suspect they will pick their time, like the time of a little light flooding perhaps, de-pot themselves and come at us. It's my guess they will launch an aquatic attack and wade to victory through the neighbourhood where in wot I live, an' that.

We will obviously be powerless to stop them as it's been shown this week that 4 inches of rain, in a hurry, can shut down large areas of the country
so imagine, if you dare, 4 inches of rain, a leaf AND a tub of aquatic attack plants. It could be the end of civilization{?} as we know it.

As a by-the-by, it seems like only a few weeks ago they were telling us we would be living in a desert before you could say 'Global Deserting'. Not a drop of water to be had, they said. I assume we get a 'Global Wetting' first. Whatever, the Triffid family are enjoying it all.

But seriously, potted Triffids aside, if this is part of the global weather change and we can look forward to been, in turn, frozen, cooked and drowned, then action would seem to be needed. A ban on smoking in public places, another freedom of choice gone, and more CCTV cameras, an encroachment on freedom, would not seem to be the places to start. As for banning mercury barometers, how will we know what the weather's going to do? You believe that? Banning mercury barometers? I say again, where are we going?

And while we are talking of hot and cold and how like it nearly got very hot in London and did get a tad warm in Glasgow, this piece is worth a read.

Quote - Jay Leno;

"According to a new U.N. report, the global warming outlook is much worse than originally predicted. Which is pretty bad when they originally predicted it would destroy the planet."

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