8 May 2007

And Then There Were Scallops.........

I was in an old fashioned wet fish shop the other day, a fishmongers; is that it, mongers? What's a monger? Anyway, while gazing at all the fishy stuff on the mongers slab I spotted scallops. Now possibly as a result of watching too many cooking programs on the telly, and telly cooks all seeming to love preparing and eating scallops, I realised that in all my years I have never tried one. Scallops that is, not mongers. They were marked up at a very reasonable £2 for 100 grams and as befitting my mature years and Worldly knowledge I couldn't figure in my mind what 100 grams would look like in scallops, other than it must be shed loads at £2 a pop. {Oh yes, maths again.}

I decided this was the day I would try scallops. I toyed with the idea of ordering in French but decided that by the time I had learned the language scallops would have moved onto the endangered list. So as I moved up the queue and I got my turn with the monger man I decided to just casually throw my scallop order in along with the other fish stuff so it would seem like I eat them all the time.

'Ah yes, that bit of haddock please. No, not that bit, that bit. Yes, that bit. No, wait a minute, I think I'll have that first bit and not that bit please. Oh my, and don't the scallops look good today; I'll take 100 Grams of 'em please my good monger.'

I have a better grasp of the gram thing now as 100 of them does not equal the expected shed load but rather equals 1 large, 2 medium and 2 small scallops. And scallops aren't that big either are they? Even a large one's nothing to write home about.

I've watched scallops being cooked on the telly so it should be straight forward...........

Quote - Karl Marx;

"Catch a man a fish, and you can sell it to him. Teach a man to fish, and you ruin a wonderful business opportunity."

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