2 May 2007

And Then There Was Silence........

Owing to pressure of work, de-mobbing the rig, preparing for a major shipyard, moving the rig to Singapore and the lack of an Internet connection I have been unable to post anything for some time now. I will attempt to put this to rights over the next couple of weeks.

The de-mob and start of the shipyard went extremely well with superb forward planning on the part of our upper, shore based management. And if you detect a note of cynicism in there, well, you may be right. But we must be fair; they've only had eighteen months to prepare. Seemed like they only had eighteen hours when we pulled into Singapore.

We parked the rig next to two new build rigs which made our tired, knocked about little rig look a tad sad. When you consider the incredible amount of work the rig has done in the past 5 plus years it has every right to look tired and worn out. And the same goes for the crews of course.............

Not sure what will happen to me now as the crews are all on standby at home or transferred and there are just a slack handful of supervisors with the rig and I feel sure the accountants will soon wake up to the fact that I'm the 'extra body' on the pay roll in Singapore. We will see.

Quote; Bernard Berenson

"I wish I could stand on a busy corner, hat in hand, and beg people to throw me all their wasted hours."

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