11 May 2007

And Then I cooked Scallops........

I cooked the scallops. This, rightly or wrongly, is how I did it. I cleaned the scallops, this was just a wash in running water. I then lightly rolled them in flour. They were then cooked in butter with the merest hint of garlic; the merest hint, as I'm not a garlic lover. I cooked them for about one and a half minutes each side so the outside of them was just going a very light brown. They were served with a pasta salad.

And the result? The pasta salad was excellent, as you would expect from a leading supermarkets salad bar. It's quite amazing how much salad you can cram into one of those little plastic containers they provide. Mine was approaching the weight of a small black hole by the time I was through and I'm sure that, with a little more effort, it should be possible to provide a family of six with a daily side salad for a month from one cramming.

The scallops tasted of, well, to me, just about nothing other than a hint of garlic butter. I'm not sure what I was expecting - a strong taste of the sea? Whatever that may be. Dead seals and toxic waste? And a hint of garlic butter of course. The closest I can get is the taste of a very, very weak tasting herring roe.

I would say that if you have never had scallops, save your money, but if you have had scallops, and enjoyed them, please let me know how you cooked them and what they are supposed to taste of.

The haddock, no, not that bit, that bit, was very nice by the way.

For the time being I'm back to poached eggs on toast.

Quote - Carl Sagan;

"If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe."

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