6 Feb 2007

And Then The Wind Came......

Someone once said that if it wasn't for weather 99% of Brit's couldn't start a conversation; so, true to form here I go........

Seems to me, while I've been away, that the weather forecasts have a very high degree of accuracy now a days so when the Big Winds of January were forecast I was fully expecting them to come. Possibly not quite as strong as predicted, but a bit of a blow all the same.

On the first morning of the forecast high winds, and with it looking rather nice outside, it was with little or no trepidation that I set off early doors for Hornsea to watch the big seas which should be getting generated by the blow. Kind of disappointing to see just a normal January kind of sea. At about 11:30 I turned the car round and headed towards home. But then it started to blow let me tell you, and after almost an hour of hanging onto the wheel keeping the car on the right side of the road, out of ditches and avoiding small, flying mammals, I was well glad to get home and in doors.

When I got to the kitchen to make a brew it was quite a site in the back garden. Several sections of Larch Lap fence were down and out with more sections ready to join them. By this time the wind was howling and, after giving it several seconds thought, I decided to leave the fencing to it's own and natures devices until later. Much, much later.

Brew in hand and feet up the fire I caught the news on TV. The storms were the center of attention of course, British Rail closed and all the usual stoppages and shut downs the UK suffers during anything but normal weather conditions, which, as we all know is overcast with light drizzle. Then came the bit that grabbed my attention. Some poor sod had been killed when his neighbors garden shed roof blew off and hit him. I mean, how unlucky can you get? Anyhoo, with a sudden jolt of realization it dawned on me I could be looking at the same scenario, what with 5 hang glider size lumps of fencing just a nail away from taking to the air.

Within moments I was up and out like a well nourished whippet and wrestling with the fencing. A couple of hours later and all was safe, or as safe as I could get it in the circumstances, and I looked like I had spent six hours tied in a sack with six angry cats. I came back to this side of the World quietly confident nothing will take off and behead anyone close by or far away; be they deserving infidel or not.

I'm sure there will be more on the subject of fencing when I get home and attempt to fight it all back to an upright state.

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