22 Jun 2024

And Then Shut Him Down…

   I see the MSM are hyperventilating all over eneything and everything Nigel Mirage says so he’s obviously right over the target and needs shooting down right quick.
I do hope he’s taking extra, extra care when crossing the road and isn’t contemplating a walk in the woods on a warm day.
   Interesting. Lifted from the comments, wot nobody reads, at
Going Postal. MSM incoming...
   Typing of warm daze, I may be to blame. A phew days ago the car had a service and MOT check.
   All passed; service, health check and MOT issued. Car returned late afternoon so the next day off to the shops. Oh the delight of modern motor engineering talent. Three tries to start it then engine vibrating and billows of black smoke from the exhaust. Garage towed it away and repairs could take at least a week.
   Regards the exhaust, I do apologise if this was the cause of cracking the climate and causing the sun to make a showing thus lifting temperatures a tad for a while. Sorry... On the bright side, the nights will now be drawing in naturally.
   Let's give all that no never mind. Right over target, right?

Quote; Cris Cyborg.

“I'm already used to being a target, so I'm building a castle with the stones people throw at me.”



James Higham said...

What fun on an otherwise dull weekend is the stirring of Nige.

Mac said...

Mr Higham,
It is indeed. Even the simplest of truths, should they veer off target, must be suppressed by them up there it would seem.