10 Nov 2023

And Then, We’ll See ….

   See wot then? Well, so, amongst all the goings on regards Remembrance/Armistice Weekend, a weekend that should be for one thing and one thing only, I see today that the disgusting way over there to the far, far right, along with feral footy boys, may march as well as the peace in Pally gangs. Thus the title of this bit, if this goes ahead, it’ll be interesting to see which crowd will be ‘greeted’ with stay calm and carry on and which crowd will be on the receiving end of Bobbies batten bashing.
    An Interesting weekend beckons...
    In other ‘news’ I’ve just received an E-mail notifying me that the item I never ordered from the USA is stuck over there in customs and all I have to do is follow the link, pay the customs fee and the goods I’ve never ordered will be on the way to me. Oh dear, wot to do. Follow the link and pay-up or delete the mail? Let me think about that for a phew seconds. Okay, just for one second then. Folk fall for this? Really?
   Anyhoo, for where we are, let's step back in time;

Quote; Bob Gibson.

“In a world filled with hate, prejudice, and protest, I find that I too am filled with hate, prejudice, and protest.”

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